Best fresh water dive sites in Europe

Things are getting weird in fresh water and this is because the animals, oceans and currents are mixing constantly. The cave systems and lakes have emerged like islands, staying uninfluenced by the surroundings.  Many things happen such as freshwater seals evolve, crystals sprout in caves and in some places there are unreal amphitheaters in the jungle center. Here are a few best fresh water dive sites in Europe and one of my favorite fresh water dive sites in Canada.

Lake Baikal – Siberia, Russia

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake at 5300 feet and is also the oldest. This accounts to be in the fifth rank as the fresh water lake rolling deep recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is 25 million years old.

Lake Baikal surprises divers. The sheer rock shoots to 2300 feet depths downward and beyond and this has taken place due to shifting of continental plates. This houses the Baikal seal or the crustaceans. The lake is diverse in topography featuring tunnels, caves, canyons, grottoes, and lots more.


  • Season: Year-round, including ice diving
  • Average Viz: 40 (fall) to 150 (summer) feet
  • Water Temp: 37–47°F

Capo D’Acqua- Abruzzo, Italy

These are medieval ruins that were sacrificed as the area required hydroelectricity to store irrigation water. The site is at 980 feet altitude in the Abruzzo Mountains. The best point here is the clarity of water. Here, the mountain spring feeds the lake and it is easy to forget being underwater.


  • Season: Year-round
  • Average Viz: 230 feet
  • Water Temp: 59–79°F

Lake Huron – Ontario, Canada

The Lake Huron in Ontario is the best preserved region. It is at 150 feet and is less with zebra mussels, bacteria, and algae bringing decay.  It offers a challenge even to new divers resting on a slope of 45 degree.

It is hard to realize the depth, stay focused and there will be enough time to take the boilers and railings. Lake Huron offers sites to be accessed by shore and there is an endless wrecks.


  • Season: May through October
  • Average Viz: 50 feet
  • Water Temp: 36–43°F

Lake Thing Vallavatn, Iceland

The visibility is three hundred feet and it leaves the divers stunned. But it is clear and relaxing. This is the only place where two continental plates, North America and Eurasia touch.


  • Season: Year-round
  • Average Viz: 300 feet
  • Water Temp: 36–39°F

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