Can you dive around oil rigs?

Listening to the word ‘oil rig’, what comes to your mind? Is it machinery or a job producing resources required for the world? Or you think of the malfunctions of oil rig and the catastrophic events caused or the life forms choked by oil spills? Above all can you dive around oil rigs or consider scuba diving?

The oil rig, believe it or not, plays a great role in supporting ecosystems. Removal of oil rig was costly earlier and also posed risks to workers.  Oil rigs to the divers provide artificial marine life reef so that they enjoy a spectacular adventure. large to small swimming pelagic fish may include sharks, moola mola, sardine, rays, barracuda, and mackerel the common residents are the sealions and there are all possibilities of seeing jellyfish, dolphin, and the cormorant local bird bombing for a treat.

The marine life platforms include southern California rock fish, starfish, sheep head, Garibaldi, cabezon, blacksmith, and opal eye fish. Mind-blowing are the marine life inspiring moments that are a part of the structure encrusted with huge colourful anemones, mussels, brittle stars, and barnacles to plentiful scallops and huge white medridiums.

Diving into the oil rigs requires good diving skills, in fact master from a diver. There is experience in various local ocean conditions. You may encounter the depths or the surface to know the variety to be mild or strong, algae blooms, currents, limited visibility, and dramatic thermoclines. It is good to stay within the rig structure are and it is also important not to lose the structure sight as you must not drift away and have to come up.

Platforms of the oil rigs are in the neutral buoyancy and open sea. You can watch time and depth as they are critical. Get a dive guide who is a dive professional and in case the conditions change, call off the dive. Divers should have a surface marker deploying the depth so that they are separated from the rig. Thus they make a decompression stop or safety in open water. There is a need to carry backup light and a primary light for safety.

All the boats here operate differently, so get to know the boats procedures. It is deep to anchor on oil rigs and so the boats pull idling close to the rig to drop the drivers off and then pick the divers up. There are resorts fully-equipped with amenities, literally built on the rig to enjoy.

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