How long does it take to get a diver license?

It feels when you’re watching TV shows about biologists, adventurers, and explorers slip beneath sea and ocean waves and try to imagine what it would be like to explore the underwater realm. All those people seeking adventure underwater stated somewhere. You did your research, and here you’re in the right place to get the most honest information on what it takes and how long does it take to get your diver license.

Find the best dive center/instructor

How long does it take to get a diving license depends on finding the best dive center with professional and skilled instructor. Early purchase of diving gear before the actual in-water instruction begins might not be necessary. Almost all trainers and dive centers instructors own proper diving gear for you during your course, and if not, you may now purchase your complete diving gear as directed by your instructor.

Familiarization time

After you have found your instructor and a place to train (dive center), how long does it take to get a diving licence depends also on training yourself to breath underwater comfortably. You will start by understanding the diving concept.  Learning the safety measures through your trainer who will teach you beginners diving techniques like holding your breath and breathing comfortably under water, buoyancy control, mask clearing, proper finning, ascending and descending in deep water, regulator clearing, and how to handle emergencies when they occur.

It’s time to start diving

Familiarization stage is over, and you are comfortable to dive motionless and maintaining a required depth underwater as well as performing beginners skills. At this stage of your training, you will pass through four in-depth water training within two days or less, depending on your mastering ability and strength. Your first diving certification is conducted in water depth up to of 60 feet, where you will be required demonstrate all the learned skills during the training in confined water in real diving. If you aren’t confident enough to dive on your own, it will be better if let your trainer know. He/she will continue to guide you until you gain full confidence and master all the required skill to dive underneath the deep water.


The process of accreditation starts as early as the actual day you started your training sessions, instructor’s comments are taken into consideration to approve your training. How long does it take to get a diving licence depends on the logistics of your diving course, and the organizations dive center. The information about the period it will take to process your license should be consulted from the instructor or dive center before enrolling for the diving course. The certificate of diving is your diver license. For more information on divers licencing visit PADI.

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