The most recent snorkeling deaths in Hawaii

Two men drowned at the Hawaiian beach (Maui) in January. These snorkeling deaths in Hawaii, as many others are related to full-face snorkel masks, according to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The cause of snorkeling deaths

According to the words of Maui Fire Battalion Chief Edward Taomoto, no one knows for sure what is the true cause of these deaths, but there are certain connections between the equipment and drowning. Tamamoto said that there is an unpredicted buildup of carbon dioxide inside the full-face snorkels breathing chamber. We all know that if inhaled, carbon dioxide can cause a death. The human can’t swim during the suffocation and unfortunately, the only thing that can happen is drowning. The snorkeling is a very popular activity in Hawaii, but also it’s the main cause of deaths on this island.


Death claim cases based on the cause

Bryan Beyer from Oakland is a 50-year-old man who died on 18th January 2018 at Kamaole Beach Park. It was one of the snorkeling deaths in Hawaii and Heidi Williams, Bryan’s girlfriend gave an interview for Northern California TV station and said that Beyer was a great swimmer as he has been a former lifeguard. She has taken some legal actions against snorkel mask manufacturer, because this is what Beyer was wearing when he drowned.

Guy Cooper, formerly of Martinez, Calif. said that in Hawaii a lot of deaths had happened and most of them are directly related to drowning. But, he also said that there is a big gap in the data because not a single agency kept the track about the snorkel equipment after drownings have occurred. Many other officials confirmed that there are many deaths caused by drowning and Big Island Fire Chief Gerald Kosaki said that counties are in the course of developing some policies that will have a better control of snorkel equipment.


Hawaii Department of Health take

Bridget Velasco from the Hawaii Department of Health was talking about snorkeling deaths in Hawaii about that they are looking at the respiration mechanics of the different snorkel masks. He also said that Department of Health doesn’t have the direct involvement and relation with safety issues of the products and but they will monitor them as well.


Safe behaviors and choices around water

It doesn’t matter what equipment you use, snorkeling is dangerous sport and snorkeling deaths in Hawaii clearly confirm that fact. To prevent these horrible things to happen, don’t go snorkeling alone, always bring a friend with you.

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