There are a Variety of Top Diving Places You Need To Experience in Thailand

Best diving places in Thailand

Thailand is one of the places in the world which are equipped with the most popular and stunning places for dives in the world. With this idea at hand, let me now tell you some of the specific places where you can go diving while visiting Thailand. Far from the places am about to tell you being the best, they offer very spectacular sceneries both from above and under the water. When someone tells you that these are the best diving sites, then they are really the best diving places in Thailand. You don’t need to miss these places for anything at all or else you will not be considered to have been to Thailand.

Go for your best dives in Sail Rock, Koh Tao, Thailand

This is just a tip of an iceberg as far as the best diving places in Thailand is concerned. Basically this is one of the best diving places because it is situated away from the mainland where. It is an Island where you can jump into your board and head off to the sea for a good dive. There is also the Sail Rock which is also referred to as the Hin Bai in Thai. This is a 90 minute drive from the mainland and less that this time from the Island. This is one of the most spectacular places to dive in because there is a scenic rock which rises about eight meters above the water. Divers can also dive from this rock and use it as reference when underwater.

Enjoy the best dives at Surin Islands

The Surin Islands is known for its surrounding clear water full of sharks. This is the best diving place in Thailand where you will dive and get to see the whale sharks and make you day. The best thing about this place is also the fact that it is a remote Island found far from the mainland and tourists do not feel like going there. Less visitors means intact flora and fauna under the water. With the beautiful ocean floors, you will experience the best dives than any that you have ever seen before.

The HTMS Chang, Koh Chang

This is a place in Thailand where you will get to experience the most spectacular sceneries associated with ship wrecks. This is another best diving place in Thailand because there are both artificial and natural reefs that are stunning and there are a number of decaying crafts you can get to see as soon you dive down to the bottom.

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