Top 4 snorkeling places in Hawaii

To get better acquainted with the most colorful inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands, you need to snorkel into the ocean. But, where to snorkel in Hawaii?

Honaunau Bay (Hawaii Island)

If you have ever think about where to snorkel in Hawaii, this is the special location where the water is constantly clean, so visibility in this place is the best. The bay is twenty miles from the National Historic Park of Puuhonua O Honaunau and is the most suitable place for snorkeling, according to the locals. The Honaunau Bay shoreline is restricted with black lava rocks, smoothed by long-term exposure to waves.

Local snorkel experts recommend sticking to the southern side of the bay, where shallow water allows to increase the chance of finding some beautiful animals, such as turtles.

The northern part of the bay is an excellent place to observe the behavior of more deep-sea inhabitants, and if you are lucky, you can meet dolphins.

Pupukea Beach (Oahu)

Next to Pupukea Beach there are two places for snorkeling: Shark’s Cove and Three Tables. These give you the answer to the question where to snorkel in Hawaii. Both spots are named after the sea reef rocks that look out over the water nearby.

Shark’s Cove is sometimes a difficult place to snorkel into the ocean, due to a strong surf. These difficulties should be overcome, because the bottom is covered with white sand, which makes multi-colored fish more expressive.

The Three Tables Bay is located in shallow waters, near the sandy shore. Since in winter the surf here is more intense, it is best to go in for snorkeling in the summer, when the ocean is clearer.

Kealakekua (Hawaii Island)

It’s another place which give you the right answer to the question where to snorkel in Hawaii. In 1779 Captain James Cook arrived here and established contact with the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands. Here is the State Park, where is a monument to this great traveler, who died after a clash with local residents. Not far from the park, next to the sandy beach, is an excellent place for snorkeling. Here you can see colorful corals and reef fish.

Molokini (Maui County)

Molokini is a volcanic atoll in the form of a crescent moon, located three miles from the island of Maui. The appearance of the atoll is all that remains of the volcano eruption 230 thousand years ago. The shape of the crescent protects snorkel lovers from waves and strong currents, which allows you to enjoy the contemplation of local fish species, as well as several dozens of species of hard corals.

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