Top 5 Cenotes to dive in Mexico

A natural underground water reservoir occurring in the Yucatan, Mexico limestone is referred to as Cenote. You may discover Cenotes on your visit to Riviera Maya. Scuba divers may have heard about the Cenotes found near the ruin town of Tulum, the ancient Maya.

There are cenotes in thousands scattered across the Mexico Yucatan Peninsula, but it is less than twenty means you can dive if you have a water scuba diving certification. It is not easy to choose exactly top 5 cenotes to dive in Mexico. There may be practical reasons, but having a short time to decide or explore all the cenote dives is difficult.  To begin with is:

Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote is a ideal place for all level divers.  It offers beginners the possibility to dive or to get into open water certification. The cenote is enveloped with mangroves, housing numerous juveniles’ fish that offers essential food for growth and also protects them from predators.  The underwater life is a memorable performance where the certified divers can enjoy a visual effect; admire conches fossils, giant corals, and other surprises.

  • Depth: max 10m
  • Dive time: 35 to 60 min
  • Features: Mangroves – Fossils – Halocline – Underwater life – Dancing light

Dos Ojos

Dos Ojos features stalagtites and stalagmites.  The cavern is big and there are 2 dives, one is the Barbie line with bigger spaces and sufficient light. These are crazy rock formations. The second is the Bat Cave that is tighter and darker, but featuring delicate and interesting formations. Both dives are shallow.

  • Depth: max 10m
  • Dive time: 35 to 60 min
  • Features: Dancing Light – Rock Formations – Stalactites and Stalagmites – fossils


Calavera is more challenging and on entering is a beautiful green light. Calavera includes salt and fresh water creating visual effects on diving. The refracting light is similar to another surface. On the dive, there are modern art sculptures, plants decorating floor and walls, coral fossils, and ancient mayan relics.  Underneath the dive are bats in hundreds nesting on the Cenote ceiling.

  • Depth: max 16m
  • Dive time: 35 to 60 min
  • Features: Halocline – Fossils – Dancing Light – Stalactites and Stalagmites –

Car Wash

Car Wash is ideal for life and nature. It houses fish, turtles and also small crocodiles. this area is ideal for cavern course and suitable for photographers.

  • Depth: max 14m
  • Dive time: 35 to 60 min
  • Features: Fossils – Dancing light – Rock Formations – Stalactites and Stalagmites – no permanent line

The Pit

The Pit is a deep dive featuring a vast chamber with Cenote features. There is a clear sky effect. The fresh water layer and the lower layer salt water present visual effects. There are stalactites and stalagmites.

  • Depth: max 40m
  • Dive time: 25 to 60 min
  • Characteristic: Cloud of Hydrogen Sulfate – Rock Formations – Stalactites and Stalagmites – Halocline – Dancing Light

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