What age should you start rowing?

Finding a rowing club is an easy task since almost every city or town has its own rowing club. The last survey conducted indicated that the rowing clubs that existed exceeded five hundred. There is no set age when one should start rowing but majority of individuals start during their teenage years. Majority of the rowing clubs will allow individuals as young as nine years old to join though regularly most individuals interested in rowing are at least thirteen years going up.

Reasons for your child to indulge in Rowing

Many parents do not consider rowing as the first choice sport for their children but it is probably due to the fact that they are not aware of the benefits that come hand in hand with rowing. First of all rowing is very effective when it comes to keeping your child physically fit. When rowing very low impact is exerted on the body so no unnecessary strain is put on the major muscles and joints. Rowing is one of the sports that provide an individual with amazing cardiovascular exercise. Rowing is probably the one sport that put the largest number of muscles in exercise which is why it is essential in muscle strengthening even if you are just using a home rower.

Teamwork and Endurance

Rowing is a team sport which means it is an ideal way to teach your child on the significance of working together as a team. Every single individual on the boat will need to do their work in order to play their part. The sport is essential in building not only physical but also mental perseverance.

Great for Competitive individuals

Rowing is sport that greatly encourages and supports competition between teams and individuals. The rowing sport is a good ground that provided an optimum environment to develop competition positively. The sport is also done outdoors which is very alluring to many teens since they’d rather spend their time outdoors than being stuck indoors all day. The fresh air can be an ideal way to blow away their troubles, worries and uncertainties.

Ideal for Social Development

Social development is an essential skill in life and rowing helps in enhancing this skill. The rowing club are very active which means your child will be very engaged most of the time which will assist in developing this skill. In some of the well-developed rowing clubs the training might even take place abroad during the training camps. The clubs will alternatively host and travel on regatta weekends.

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